Monday, February 14, 2022

Ghosts and Cats

 "Ghosts and cats cavort regardless of the date"

Photo and quote by @guildofjacks

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Katie Pumpkinhead's Pumpkin Patch

So, right after publishing the previous blog post about Winter, I realized that the photographer of the photo I included, Katie, has a blog of her own. Not only that, but she made a fantastic write up about her own thoughts about Winter and snow, and how they fit in to the Halloween aesthetic. 

I highly recommend you go read her post.  She dives deeper into Winter's power and the beauty that lies in the danger it brings.  And while you're at it, subscribe to her blog!

Click the image below to read Katie's wonderful winter musings

The Late Cold

Here in the Southeast United States, the coldest temperatures of Winter always seem to arrive later than I expect.  I'm not sure why I don't expect it, given that it happens every year come January.

There's never any snow in my area, which is rather aesthetically unfortunate.  I've often admired photos of Halloween decorations with a light dusting of snow.  As much as I prefer Autumn, Winter presents to me a kind of optical surrealism.  Something about wide swaths of white feels otherworldly, silent, and still.

It's probably because I've not grown up or lived in an area with yearly snowfall, so the magic of fresh snow hasn't yet been ruined by an annual ritual of winter tires, soggy socks, ice scraping and snow shoveling.  Maybe one day.