Sunday, April 9, 2023

“Signs of life in mummy exhibit in Mexico have experts worried”

(A news site sensationalizing headlines for more clicks? Never!)

"Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History expressed concerns about this exhibition, according to a March 31 statement. The institute said it was not alerted about the display and did not authorize or advise on the transportation, handling or presentation conditions of the mummies.

"Experts saw photos of the display and spotted signs of possible fungal growths on one mummy, the institute said in its statement. The signs of life worried experts because of the possible biohazard concerns — yet lack of safeguards — and the danger of damage to the fragile mummies."

So while these mummies look very cool, they will, unfortunately, not be reanimating. Still, better keep Brendan Fraser on speed-dial just in case.

Click here for the original article, and click here for a much better article providing some background on the mummies.

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