Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Now Watching: Over The Garden Wall

It's about time I talk about Over The Garden Wall.

Created by Patrick McHale, this ~2 hour Emmy award-winning animated miniseries is such an Autumnal treasure.  It feels like an ode to olde Americana, somehow familiar but still mysterious.  

The art and animation style feels old, in a good way (think classic Merry Melodies).  And I am constantly listening to the soundtrack by The Blasting Company.

Without spoiling any plot points, I can say that there is a great mix of light and dark moments throughout, weaving a timeless story, brought to life by an all-star voice cast.

For the best viewing experience, don't watch any trailers!

Here's some of the background art for the show, by Nick Cross.

And I can't help but post just one little screenshot from the series:

"Patient is the night"

If you'd like to watch the first chapter (episode) of the show, Cartoon Network has published it on YouTube.  The rest of the show is available with a Hulu or HBO Max subscription, or by purchasing on Prime Video. (Or just pick it up from the library! Do people go to libraries any more?)

Watch the first episode for free below:


  1. Loved it! And those background artwork is awesome!

  2. I saw part of this awhile back, didn't know it was a whole series - definitely adding this to my Hulu watch list!