Monday, May 1, 2023

Halfway to Halloween

May 1st means we're over the hump!  Better get cracking on those Halloween plans, it won't be long now... 

Give a comment if you'd like to share some projects you've already started, I'd love to hear about them!

Here's some fun art by @joekeinberger_art. I'd like to imagine this fella as a Halloween hobo, just passin' through on his way to October Country. 


  1. Happy Halfoween! We're going to have to "zombify" all the dolls we've acquired for this year's haunt. Need to build a "Edicule/Aedicula" prop out of materials that were purchased for more grandiose ideas that have come back down to reality. Working on turning a couple of our 5' tall skeletons into swamp zombies. Wanted them to be glow in the dark using Mod Podge glue loaded up with neutral green and aqua glow in the dark pigments but after starting work on the one realized the skeleton looked more "Haunted Mansion Ghost" under black light than "Swamp Zombie". So will retry painting the skeletons with several different Rust Oleum matte camouflage colored spray paints later on this spring/summer. The skeletons are going to get covered in faux vines and faux Spanish moss and will have red LED jewel domed eyes. Plenty to keep us busy this summer!

    1. Wow! That all sounds incredible, you'll be busy for sure. Those swamp zombies sound cool. I look forward to seeing the final product.