Sunday, May 7, 2023

New Original Song: Mile-long Reminder

For best listening experience:  Get drunk. Real drunk

Put on your coat and stumble out of your house at dusk.  Look up at the darkening sky, and start walking.  Let your inebriated mind guide your thoughts (and your feet).  Think about the past, even though you know you shouldn't.  Walk until you don't recognize the houses, and then walk a little more. Realize it's getting late, and you should probably head back. Stumble inside and head to the kitchen.  Pour yourself one more drink.  Whiskey, most likely.  Sip and remember, then sip until you forget...

At 20 minutes, it's a much longer track than I normally make, but I wanted to make something pensive and melancholic that you can get lost in.  I think I achieved that effect just fine.

Click below to listen on YouTube:

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